Aphasia is a debilitating communication disability caused by damage to the language processing centres of the brain. An individual with aphasia may have difficulty understanding, talking, reading and writing, but their intelligence is not affected. The most common causes of aphasia are stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Stroke remains one of Australia’s most disabling health conditions. Previous research has identified increased prevalence of depression, social isolation and decreased quality of life as some of the commonly occurring long-term consequences of aphasia following stroke or other brain injury.

In recognition of this, a five year $2.5 million Centre of Clinical Research Excellence (CCRE) grant has been awarded by the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to Professor Linda Worrall, in collaboration with a team of investigators across Australia and internationally. Centres of Clinical Research Excellence are the NHMRC's "stamp of excellence" in clinical research.

The NHMRC Centre of Clinical Research Excellence in Aphasia (CCRE in Aphasia Rehabilitation) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with aphasia and their families.

The CCRE aims to:

  • Support clinical research leading to improved health outcomes for Australians with acquired communication disability following stroke and traumatic brain injury
  • Foster training of clinical researchers leading to increased research capacity in aphasia and health services
  • Ensure effective translation of research evidence to practice

Proposed Outcome of the CCRE:

The major outcome from research within the CCRE will be the development of the Australian Aphasia Clinical Pathway in close collaboration with speech pathologists and consumers. The Australian Aphasia Clinical Pathway will translate the emerging evidence into best practice across the entire continuum of health care (acute, rehabilitation, community), leading to better communication outcomes, less social isolation, and better quality of life for people with aphasia and their families.

For all enquiries regarding the CCRE in Aphasia Rehabilitation, contact:

Professor Linda Worrall
Email:     l.worrall@uq.edu.au
Phone:   +617 3365 2891
Fax:       +617 3365 1877
Website: www.ccreaphasia.org.au


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